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The Essence / BBICN - China / April 2014


The World After World War III series
M.Queen (e|j;p()

1/6th scale custom figure
Created by Zuno


The World After World War III series
M.Queen (e|j;p()

1/6th scale custom figure
Created by Zuno


The Third World War destroyed all the nuclear power plants, and the Earth is polluted with nuclear radiation.

The government took over the only place untouched by this monstrosity, completely free of all nuclear activity, called it District H.o.P.E. (Heart of Peaceful Earth), and abandoned all connections to the barren, desolate world out side of it.

With no rules and no one to enforce any, the outside world became an increasingly dangerous place, with crime, outlaws, and gangs.

The wealthy families that weren’t granted access to District H.o.P.E. gave out their wealth in search for complete protection, and those left with nothing became bounty hunters who relied solely on themselves for survival.


The World War III was the experimental setting for state-of-the-art, biochemical weapons.
All of the nations that participated in the war were frantic in developing better weapons.
A number of animals were sacrificed due to frequent animal testing.

M.Queen (e|j;p()…

She was one of the researchers at the laboratory of animal testing.
It was a private medical laboratory before it was transformed into an animal testing site diverted by the government during the WWIII.
Upon observation of the people of District H.o.P.E. and their strategy to safely escape the dangerous premises, she forms her own association called Group M.
She honors a former monkey companion who died due to animal testing by wearing a mask in the image of a simian and stands as the leader of her cartel.
Her ultimate goal is the destruction of District H.o.P.E...
She steals from the rich and uses the stolen funds and power to grow more vigorous.
She quickly gained an infamous reputation from her larceny and became the #1 Most Wanted by the bounty hunters.
Will she successfully avoid the bounty hunters to make her dreams come true?

by Zuno... ^L^

To be continued...


A&3Bw<<0h4k@|@87N ?x@Z7B9_@|z0m, <<0h4B 9f;g4I@87N ?@?05G>z4Y.
4Y19@{ ?,9fA$:N4B Av18?!<- ?@?05GAv>J@: @/@OGQ 0w, Hq.8A.Av18: District H.o.P.E. (Heart of Peaceful Earth)?! @Z8.8& @b0m ?\:N?M 4\@}GO?44Y.
@Z?,Hw ?\:N<<0h?!<-4B 9|AK0! 1X?! 4^G_0m D!>H@: 9+9f:q;sEB?44Y.
District H.o.P.E.?! 5i>n0!Av 8xGQ :N@Z5i@: @Z=E5i@G @|@g;j@; 0I0m :8H#9^1b8& ?xG_0m, >x4B@Z5i@: Gv;s1] ;g3I2[@L 5G>n =:=:7N :8H#GO8g ;l>F3*0,4Y.

A&3Bw<<0h4k@|@: CVC74\9+1b?M ;}H-GP9+1b@G =GGh@G @e@L>z4Y.
@|@o?! B|?)GQ 8p5g 190!5i@: 4u 0-7BGQ 9+1b5i@; 885i1b @'GX Gw>H@L 5G>n@V>z4Y.
@Z?,Hw 5?90 ;}C<=GGh55 :s9xGO?)<- z4Y.

M.Queen (e|j;p()

1W3`4B GQ @G7a5?90 ;}C<=GGh=G@G ?,18?x@L>z4Y.
1W0w@: 9N0#@Z:;?! @GGQ n0!8i<- 9+1b039_@; @'GQ 5?90;}C<=GGh @ez4Y.
1W71 8p5g 0zA$5i@; AvDQ:C4x 1W3`4B A&3Bw<<0h4k@| A>@|0z GT22 4Y19@{?,9fA$:N0! 9f;g4I?!<- >H@|GQ @Z=E5i88@G District H.o.P.E. (Heart of Peaceful Earth)7N GG=EGO4B 8p=@@; :80m, :P03GO?) 9+1b0m8& E;CkGO?) Group M@; A6AwGQ4Y.
1W8.0m >s86@| 5?90;}C<=GGh@87N AW@: 1W3`@G 9]7A5?90@L>z4x “?x<~@L”8& 1b8.8g =:=:7N ?x<~@L 8p=@@G 86=:E)8& GO0m A6Aw@G 8.4u7N ?l6R<14Y.

1W3`@G 1C1X@G 8qG%4B District H.o.P.E. (Heart of Peaceful Earth) FD1+…
1W7!<- 1W3`4B :N@Z5i@; >`E;GX<- @Z1]0z H{@; E0?v3*0!4B5%…
1W88E- 1W3`?!0T 0I8.4B Gv;s1]@: 3/7N D!R0m, @Z?, Gv;s1] ;g3I2[5i@G A&1@G Most Wanted0! 5G>z4Y.

0z?, 1W3`4B Gv;s1];g3I2[5i@; GGGX 1W3`@G 2^@; @L7j 

... 0h


Created by Zuno

Copyright 2013 © Zuno Kim. All rights reserved.


Hi All,

The fourth character of my World after World War III series, M.Queen, has completed.
this time, the character is a female villain.
M.Queen is short for Monkey Queen.
To understand her background, please read the story above.
I hope you enjoy this piece, happy figuring!

Zuno… ^L^

A& World after World War 3@G 3W9xB0 D38/EM@N M.Queen@; ?O<:GO?4=@4O4Y.
@L9x?!4B ?)@Z>G4g@T4O4Y.
M.Queen@: Monkey Queen@; AY@N0L4O4Y. ^^
1W3`@G 9h0f@: @'@G =:Ed8.8& @P>nAV< 1W73, 8p5N Aq0L0T 0(;sGO=C0m, G`:9GQ GG0\;}H0GO<

Zuno... ^L^








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Scale: 1/6

March 30, 2014

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