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Captain EZHNO

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The World After World War III series
Captain EZHNO

1/6th scale custom figure
Created by Zuno


The World After World War III series
Captain EZHNO

1/6th scale custom figure
Created by Zuno


The Third World War destroyed all the nuclear power plants, and the Earth is polluted with nuclear radiation.

The government took over the only place untouched by this monstrosity, completely free of all nuclear activity, called it District H.o.P.E. (Heart of Peaceful Earth), and abandoned all connections to the barren, desolate world out side of it.

With no rules and no one to enforce any, the outside world became an increasingly dangerous place, with crime, outlaws, and gangs.

The wealthy families that weren’t granted access to District H.o.P.E. gave out their wealth in search for complete protection, and those left with nothing became bounty hunters who relied solely on themselves for survival.


Captain EZHNO
The name Ezhno is of Native American origin meaning 'solitary' or 'he walks alone.’

Prior to the worldwide apocalypse, he was the Air Force captain and the head of his family.

The Third World War breaks out and he is enlisted in the multinational military, but he separates from his family in the midst of war.

Since the closing of multinational federal government’s (District H.o.P.E.) door, he refuses to enter on his own.

After finding a wrecked and abandoned motorcycle, he adds the motor of a classic aircraft and starts his lone journey to the outside world that is contaminated by radioactivity.

However, that world is an extremely disturbed place. A place where one must kill to survive.

Will he ever get to find his family?

To be continued...


A&3Bw<<0h4k@|@87N ?x@Z7B9_@|z0m, <<0h4B 9f;g4I@87N ?@?05G>z4Y.
4Y19@{ ?,9fA$:N4B Av18?!<- ?@?05GAv>J@: @/@OGQ 0w, Hq.8A.Av18: District H.o.P.E. (Heart of Peaceful Earth)?! @Z8.8& @b0m ?\:N?M 4\@}GO?44Y.
@Z?,Hw ?\:N<<0h?!<-4B 9|AK0! 1X?! 4^G_0m D!>H@: 9+9f:q;sEB?44Y.
District H.o.P.E.?! 5i>n0!Av 8xGQ :N@Z5i@: @Z=E5i@G @|@g;j@; 0I0m :8H#9^1b8& ?xG_0m, >x4B@Z5i@: Gv;s1] ;g3I2[@L 5G>n =:=:7N :8H#GO8g ;l>F3*0,4Y.

Captain EZHNO...

Ezhno4B >F8^8.D- @N5p>p >p>n7N ‘4\56’ 6G4B ‘H%@Z 0H4B 32@Z’6s4B 6f@L4Y.
1W4B <<0h FD8j(Apocalypse)@L@|?!4B 0x1: Captain@L@Z GQ0!A7@G 0!@e@L>z4Y.
A&3Bw<<0h4k@|@L @O>n3*0m, 4Y19@{1:@87N B|@|GO?4Av88 1W ?MA_?! 0!A75i@L ;T;THw Hp>nAv0m 884Y.
4Y19@{ ?,9fA$:N@G Hq.8A.Av18 (District H.o.P.E.)@G 9.@L 4]Hw4x 3/, 1W4B =:=:7N 5i>n0!1b8& 0E:NGQ4Y.
1W8.0m 9v7AAx ?@Ed9Y@L(Motorcycle)5i@G @\GX?M E,7!=D :qG`1b 8pEM8& A6GUGQ ?@Ed9Y@L8& 885i>n, 0!A7@; C#1b@'GX 1W 9f;g4I@87N ?@?05H ?\:N<<0h7N H&7N 9f6{@G 1f@; 603-4Y.
GOAv88 1W0w@: 8E?l Gh3-GQ 0w. ;l1b@'GX AW?)>_GO4B 0w@L4Y.
0z?, 1W4B 0!A7@; C#@;

... 0h


Created by Zuno

Copyright 2013 © Zuno Kim. All rights reserved.


Hi all,

Since June 2013, eight months after the creation of Baby Bounty, the third character of the “World after World War 3” series, Captain EZHNO, has completed.

Ezhno is a Native American name, meaning “solitary” or “he walks alone.”

For the “wanderer” concept, I combined parts from four motorbikes and a classic aircraft’s to make one unique motorbike.

I produced a situation in which he must collect and construct a mode of transportation using found wrecked pieces in a world with a collapsed civilization.

The polluted radioactivity requires a gas mask, and creating an intimidating facade is necessary when going through such threatening areas.

The necklace, bracelets, and the various feathers are inspired by the Native American culture.

I hope you enjoy this piece, and have a happy figuring life!

Zuno… ^L^


@[3b 6?y@LHD 803?y88?!, Baby Bounty?! @L@: @z@G “World after World War 3” =C8.An@G 39xB0 D38/EM@N “Captain EZHNO”0! ?O<:5G>z=@4O4Y.
Ezhno4B >F8^8.D- @N5p>p >p>n7N ‘4\56’ 6G4B ‘H%@Z 0H4B 32@Z’6s4B 6f@T4O4Y.
9f6{@Z(Wanderer) DAz=@4O4Y.
9.8m@L :X1+5H <<;s?!<- 9v7AAx @\GX5i@; A6GUGX<- ;u7N?n 0M5i@; 885ix4B ;sH2@; ?,CbGO?4=@4O4Y.
9f;g4I@L ?@?05H ;sH2@L4O 9f568i@: GJ_GO1b6'9.?! =:=:7N8& 4u?m 9+<70m 0-GO0T :8@L557O 2Y9L4B0M@: ;}A8:;4I@O0L4O4Y.
8q0I@L, FH:N:P, 1W8.0m 1jEP5n@: @L8'?! 0I8B0T >F8^8.D- @N5p>pG3@87N G%GvGO?4=@4O4Y.
8p5N Aq0L0T 0(;sGO=C0m, G`:9GQ GG0\;}H0GO<

AV3k… ^L^



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http://bbs.bbicn.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=228753&extra=page%3D1 (China)

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Scale: 1/6

February 12, 2014

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