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Captain EZHNO

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The World After World War III series
Captain EZHNO

1/6th scale custom figure
Created by Zuno


The World After World War III series
Captain EZHNO

1/6th scale custom figure
Created by Zuno


The Third World War destroyed all the nuclear power plants, and the Earth is polluted with nuclear radiation.

The government took over the only place untouched by this monstrosity, completely free of all nuclear activity, called it District H.o.P.E. (Heart of Peaceful Earth), and abandoned all connections to the barren, desolate world out side of it.

With no rules and no one to enforce any, the outside world became an increasingly dangerous place, with crime, outlaws, and gangs.

The wealthy families that weren’t granted access to District H.o.P.E. gave out their wealth in search for complete protection, and those left with nothing became bounty hunters who relied solely on themselves for survival.


Captain EZHNO
The name Ezhno is of Native American origin meaning 'solitary' or 'he walks alone.’

Prior to the worldwide apocalypse, he was the Air Force captain and the head of his family.

The Third World War breaks out and he is enlisted in the multinational military, but he separates from his family in the midst of war.

Since the closing of multinational federal government’s (District H.o.P.E.) door, he refuses to enter on his own.

After finding a wrecked and abandoned motorcycle, he adds the motor of a classic aircraft and starts his lone journey to the outside world that is contaminated by radioactivity.

However, that world is an extremely disturbed place. A place where one must kill to survive.

Will he ever get to find his family?

To be continued...


제3차세계대전으로 원자력발전소는 모두 파괴되었고, 세계는 방사능으로 오염되었다.
다국적 연방정부는 지구에서 오염되지않은 유일한 곳, 희.망.지구: District H.o.P.E. (Heart of Peaceful Earth)에 자리를 잡고 외부와 단절하였다.
자연히 외부세계에서는 범죄가 극에 달했고 치안은 무방비상태였다.
District H.o.P.E.에 들어가지 못한 부자들은 자신들의 전재산을 걸고 보호받기를 원했고, 없는자들은 현상금 사냥꾼이 되어 스스로 보호하며 살아나갔다.

Captain EZHNO...

Ezhno는 아메리칸 인디언 언어로 ‘단독’ 또는 ‘혼자 걷는 남자’라는 뜻이다.
그는 세계 파멸(Apocalypse)이전에는 공군 Captain이자 한가족의 가장이었다.
제3차세계대전이 일어나고, 다국적군으로 참전하였지만 그 와중에 가족들이 뿔뿔히 흩어지고 만다.
다국적 연방정부의 희.망.지구 (District H.o.P.E.)의 문이 닫히던 날, 그는 스스로 들어가기를 거부한다.
그리고 버려진 오토바이(Motorcycle)들의 잔해와 클래식 비행기 모터를 조합한 오토바이를 만들어, 가족을 찾기위해 그 방사능으로 오염된 외부세계로 홀로 방랑의 길을 떠난다.
하지만 그곳은 매우 험난한 곳. 살기위해 죽여야하는 곳이다.
과연 그는 가족을 찾을수 있을까?…

... 계속


Created by Zuno

Copyright 2013 © Zuno Kim. All rights reserved.


Hi all,

Since June 2013, eight months after the creation of Baby Bounty, the third character of the “World after World War 3” series, Captain EZHNO, has completed.

Ezhno is a Native American name, meaning “solitary” or “he walks alone.”

For the “wanderer” concept, I combined parts from four motorbikes and a classic aircraft’s to make one unique motorbike.

I produced a situation in which he must collect and construct a mode of transportation using found wrecked pieces in a world with a collapsed civilization.

The polluted radioactivity requires a gas mask, and creating an intimidating facade is necessary when going through such threatening areas.

The necklace, bracelets, and the various feathers are inspired by the Native American culture.

I hope you enjoy this piece, and have a happy figuring life!

Zuno… ^L^


작년 6월이후 8개월만에, Baby Bounty에 이은 저의 “World after World War 3” 시리즈의 3번째 캐릭터인 “Captain EZHNO”가 완성되었습니다.
Ezhno는 아메리칸 인디언 언어로 ‘단독’ 또는 ‘혼자 걷는 남자’라는 뜻입니다.
방랑자(Wanderer) 컨셉을 위해, 4대의 오토바이들과 클래식 비행기의 모터를 조합하여 1대의 오토바이를 만들었습니다.
문명이 붕괴된 세상에서 버려진 잔해들을 조합해서 새로운 것들을 만들수 밖에 없는 상황을 연출하였습니다.
방사능이 오염된 상황이니 방독면은 필수이며 험한곳을 다녀야하기때문에 스스로를 더욱 무섭고 강하게 보이도록 꾸미는것은 생존본능일겁니다.
목걸이, 팔부분, 그리고 깃털등은 이름에 걸맞게 아메리칸 인디언풍으로 표현하였습니다.
모두 즐겁게 감상하시고, 행복한 피겨생활하세요.

주노… ^L^



http://www.onesixthwarriors.com/forum/sixth-scale-action-figure-news-reviews-discussion/745761-captain-ezhno-zuno-l.html (US)

http://bbs.bbicn.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=228753&extra=page%3D1 (China)

http://www.sideshowcollectors.com/forums/showthread.php?140565-Captain-EZHNO-by-Zuno-L (US)



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Scale: 1/6

February 12, 2014

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