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Baby Bounty (aka B.B.)

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The World After World War III series
Baby Bounty (aka B.B.)

1/6th scale custom figure
Created by Zuno


The World After World War III series
Baby Bounty (aka B.B.)

1/6th scale custom figure
Created by Zuno


The Third World War destroyed all the nuclear power plants, and the Earth is polluted with nuclear radiation.

The government took over the only place untouched by this monstrosity, completely free of all nuclear activity, called it District H.o.P.E. (Heart of Peaceful Earth), and abandoned all connections to the barren, desolate world out side of it.

With no rules and no one to enforce any, the outside world became an increasingly dangerous place, with crime, outlaws, and gangs.

The wealthy families that weren’t granted access to District H.o.P.E. gave out their wealth in search for complete protection, and those left with nothing became bounty hunters who relied solely on themselves for survival.

Baby Bounty, AKA B.B.

Separated from her family who were able to get in to District H.o.P.E., she was left alone in the outside world with no one to protect her but herself.

Daunting and fearsome…

Her hair is fashioned to resemble the poisonous tail of a scorpion, and her arms are lined with wrist watches of her victims that she wears as trophies of her victories. And she clings on to the teddy bear as she hopes for a reunion with her family some day.

She quietly approaches the abandoned nuclear power plant, now the meeting ground for gangs.


Perhaps the silence anticipates the brutal confrontation to come…

To be continued...


A&3Bw<<0h4k@|@87N ?x@Z7B9_@|z0m, <<0h4B 9f;g4I@87N ?@?05G>z4Y.
4Y19@{ ?,9fA$:N4B Av18?!<- ?@?05GAv>J@: @/@OGQ 0w, Hq.8A.Av18: District H.o.P.E. (Heart of Peaceful Earth)?! @Z8.8& @b0m ?\:N?M 4\@}GO?44Y.
@Z?,Hw ?\:N<<0h?!<-4B 9|AK0! 1X?! 4^G_0m D!>H@: 9+9f:q;sEB?44Y.
District H.o.P.E.?! 5i>n0!Av 8xGQ :N@Z5i@: @Z=E5i@G @|@g;j@; 0I0m :8H#9^1b8& ?xG_0m, >x4B@Z5i@: Gv;s1] ;g3I2[@L 5G>n =:=:7N :8H#GO8g ;l>F3*0,4Y.

Baby Bounty(>F1b Gv;s1];g3I2[) @O8m B.B...

nA. District H.o.P.E?! 5i>n0!Av 8xGO0m H&7N 320T5G>z4Y.
?@Aw ;l1f@: =:=:7N :8H#GO4B 0M;S...

4u E)0T 4u 9+<70T...

D!77D!77G_4x 1d8S8.8& 86D! @|0%@G 56D'C373 1f0T 6&>F ?C7H4Y.
@N0#;g3I@G @|8.G0@N =C0h5i@: 86D! HF@e@N>g FH?! Bw0m, 0!A70z@G A6?l8& 1W8.8g 0u@NG|@;  A6?kHw, 9|AKA}4\@G ?B;s@L 5G>n9v80 FD1+5H 4Y19@{ GY9_@|U?! 4Y0!<- :;4Y.


@L A$@{@: 0p @V@; 1W5i0z@G ;gEu8& ?90mGO0m @V4B0G >F4RAv..

... 0h


Created by Zuno

Copyright 2013 © Zuno Kim. All rights reserved.


Hi all,

This is my 2nd customized figure after "Flying Mickey" in my new series "The World After World War 3"
Her name is "Baby Bounty" a.k.a. "B.B.".
Hope you enjoy my work.

Zuno... ^L^



http://www.onesixthwarriors.com/forum/sixth-scale-action-figure-news-reviews-discussion/697942-baby-bounty-aka-b-b-zuno-l.html (US)

http://bbs.bbicn.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=206089&extra=page%3D1 (China)

http://sideshowcollectors.com/forums/showthread.php?t=129786 (US)



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Scale: 1/6

June 6, 2013

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