1/6th scale customized by Zuno

1/6th customized by Zuno...

Head Sculpt: Nobody Toys/Customized & Repainted
Body: Hot Toys/Customized
Shirts: Harue/Customized
Pants: Harue/Customized
Shoes: ACI/Customized
Watch: Brother Production/Weathered
Rifle: Brother Production/Weathered
Dream Machine: Brother Production/Customized
Furnitures: XCES Studios/Weathered
Pool Chaise: Self-Built
Base: Self-Built



Hi All,

This is my new customized figure diorama "Inception" from the movie "Inception (2010)."

Cobb was played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The scene I customized is in the middle of the movie.

It was just before Ariadne (Ellen Page) stole into cobb's dream.

She met his wife in his secret room.

I tried to express he is in a deep sleep.

Hope you enjoy my work.



Zuno... ^L^


Reviews: (OSW: US) (SideShow Freaks: US) (BBICN: China)



The Working Process of the Customized Head Sculpt for 'Inception' >>

Scale: 1/6

March 19, 2012

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