Item No. zuno12031618

The Last Water
By Zuno

Limited: 1
Available: 1

Scale: 1/6th
Ships to: Worldwide
Item location: U.S.A
Status: Available
Price: $900.00USD

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The Nomination / OSW Kitbash of the Month October 2008

The Last Water
1/6th scale customized by Zuno

The Last Water
1/6th scale customized by Zuno


Head Sculpt: DID/Repainting
Body: DID
Hands: DID/Weathering
Glove: Custom
Winter Cap: DML/Weathering
HJ Hat: DID/Weathering
HJ Bayonet: DID/Weathering
Muffler: Custom
Sweat Shirt: Custom
Shirts: DID/Weathering
Pants: DID/Weathering
Armband: DID/Weathering
Boots: DID/Weathering
Water Pot: Unknown/Weathering
Buckets: Unknown/Weathering
Water Pump: Custom/Weathering
Base: Custom/Snowing




Scale: 1/6

October 19, 2008

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