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By Zuno

Limited: 1
Available: 1

Scale: 1/6th
Ships to: Worldwide
Item location: U.S.A
Status: Available
Price: $900.00USD

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The Essence / BBICN - China / June 2010

1/6th scale customized by Zuno

1/6th customized by Zuno...

Head Sculpt: Unknown/Painted
Body: BBI/Customized
Hands: HT/Repainted
Beanie: Heroic/Customized
Sun Glasses: Heroic/Customized
T-Shirts: Heroic/Customized
Pants: Heroic/Customized
Coat: Heroic/Customized
Shoes: DID/Customized
Suitcase: Heroic/Customized
Violin case: Unknown/Weathered
Hydrant: Unknown/Weathered
Base: Self-Built


Hi all,

I just finished a 'Léon' from the movie 'Léon: The Professional'.

He is walking down a street in New York without Mathilda.
Because It is a scene before the movie starts.

I hope she would be side of him later...
And I hope you like my work.

Zuno... ^L^


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Scale: 1/6

May 29, 2010

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