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Saving Private Ryan
By Zuno

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Scale: 1/6th
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The Nomination / OSW Kitbash of the Month July 2010

The Recommendation / BBICN - China / July 2010

Saving Private Ryan
1/6th scale customized by Zuno

Saving Private Ryan
Capt. John H. Miller...
1/6th customized by Zuno...

Head Sculpt: Serang/Painted
Body: Soldier Story/Customized
Uniform: Soldier Story/Weathered
Helmet: DID/Customized
Glove: Soldier Story/Weathered
Thompson MG: DID/Weathered
Boots: Soldier Story/Weathered
Looses: Soldier Story/Weathered
Base: Self-Built


Hi all,

I just finished "Capt. John H. Miller" from the movie "Saving Private Ryan".
The scene I made is just before he met Private Ryan in the grassy field.

I painted a Serang's Miller head sculpt. I think it is one of the most similar to him.
And I used Soldier Story's uniforms and looses but helmet and Thompson that were produced by DID for more accurate...

I press the tiny grasses one by one into the base. It was very fun experience...

Anyway, I hope you like my Miller.

Zuno... ^L^


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Scale: 1/6

July 14, 2010

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