Item No. bhead_100210001
Day After WWIII
Lady Zhiva Voda
Painted Custom Figure

Limited: 10
Available: 0

Scale: 1/6th
Ships to: Worldwide
Item location: S.Korea
Status: Pre-Order
Price: $1,100USD (free shipping)

Payment Option 1: $1,000USD (Pre-Order) - about 10% save
Paymant Option 2: $500USD (Pre-Order) + $600USD (A week before shipping date: TBA)

This set is the limited painted full set edition and serial number with BHead's autograh.

Your order will be canceled automatically if you don't pay in 3 days.
All sales are final. We don’t accept returns and we don’t give refunds.
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Final Product:


Detail shots before painting:


Working Process:

The continuity of the process will continued to be update on here.


Zuno... ^L^



Box art:



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