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1/6th scale customized by Zuno


1/6th customized by Zuno...

Head Sculpt: Rainman/Repainted
Body: Hot Toys/Repainted
Hat: Rainman/Repainted
Jacket: AddBlue/Weathered
Shirts: AddBlue/Weathered
Outer Coat: AddBlue/Customized & Weathered
Accessories: Rainman/Weathered
Rifle: Rainman/Repainted
Pants: AddBlue/Weathered
Boots: Rainman/Weathered
Oil Lamp: Toys City/Weathered
Base: Self-Built



Hi All,

This is my customized figure "The UGLY" from the movie "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)."

The Ugly was played by Eli Wallach, known as "Tuco."

I expressed this piece as Tuco waiting for the kill.
As you may know, Tuco was wanted in fourteen counties of the state; the condemned was found guilty of the crimes of murder in the film.

My work is not an actual scene from the movie, but I expressed a visualization of a pre-scene before the first actual scene of the film.
In the film, he has a habit of kissing and licking the three rings on his left hand.
So, I expressed him kissing the three rings with a sense of tension in the air.

I repainted a Rainman's head sculpt and customized AddBlue's clothings.
The base I built is made by wood with nails.

And It's a great honor for me to have the 3rd place in the Concurso Accionunoseis 2010.


Zuno... ^L^



<Biography for TUCO from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)>
Tuco Ramírez (full name: Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez) is one of the three eponymous characters from Sergio Leone's spaghetti western The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

In the film, Tuco is identified as the ugly (incorrectly as the bad in the film's trailers) through in-film texts. He's of Mexican origin and also the only character of whom the audience learns any history (in comparison to his companion Blondie or enemy Angel Eyes). In the movie he is played by Eli Wallach, whose performance was based on a similar character he played in How the West Was Won.

Tuco is greedy, self-serving bandit wanted for a string of crimes involving but not limited to armed robbery, rape, bigamy, abandoning his wife and children, receiving and selling stolen goods etc. He has committed enough crimes to earn himself a $2000 bounty. His greed is also shown when he encounters the ambulance-cart full of dead confederate soldiers in the desert and goes through each of their pockets.
He is also shown as extremely vengeful. When Blondie leaves him in the desert at the beginning of the movie he becomes obsessed in finding and killing him.
Despite his inherently greedy nature he seems to regard his own family highly. He's devastated after hearing his mother has been dead for a long time from his brother Pablo Ramírez at a field hospital where he takes Blondie. His father has also died recently which is why Pablo was not at the monastery to meet him and Blondie when they first arrive. He remains convinced that his way of living is better, thinking his brother became a priest because it was easier. Even though they end trading blows Tuco still speaks highly of his brother to Blondie when the two leave for Sad Hill (not knowing Blondie has witnessed their exchange).
He also has faux-religious side to him. Sometimes when encountering corpses or killing someone he performs a hasty sign of the cross.

- wikipedia




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3r puesto The Ugly por Zuno


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Scale: 1/6

October 12, 2010

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