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Dr. House
1/6th scale customized by Zuno


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Dr. House
1/6th customized by Zuno...

Head Sculpt: Serang/Painted
Body: HT/Repainted
T-Shirts: Unknown/Weathered
Shirts: ACI/Weathered
Jacket: HT/Weathered
Jeans: ACI/Weathered
Sneakers: Unknown/Weathered
Pill Bottles: Self-Built
Cane: Self-Built
Bathtub: Barbie/Repainted
Base: Self-Built


Hi all,

I just finished one of my 'star' series.
As you may know, he is Hugh Laurie from the TV drama "Dr. House".
The ideas of my vignette were started from this picture... ^^
I hope you like my work.

Zuno... ^L^


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Scale: 1/6

March 28, 2010

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