EL. with Reideen... by Yatake Yoshinori

* The character’s name “el.” is taken from the last two letters of “Accel”, Yatake Yoshinori’s Wonder Festival circle name
* She lives in a world where harmful insects are a hindrance to daily life if not exterminated, and is equipped with a miniature power generator called a “Reideen” and an electric rod which are used to dispatch said insects
* The suit she wears is for protection against the high voltage current given off by the device
* The sparks given off by the electric rod when an insect is destroyed are harmful when viewed with the naked eye, hence the goggles (they do something!)
* Originally a painter, Yatake sculpted el. as training as he didn’t have the confidence he could handle a parody version of a copyrighted character. However, the sculpting job went more smoothly and quickly than he anticipated
* At the outset he intended to sculpt the figure as male, but grew tired of the idea and switched to a female sculpt instead, adding some elements of sexiness to the costume
* Beyond the amount of detail needed to complete the sculpt Yatake has not fleshed out the world of el., and urges viewers to invent their own scenario in which she might exist
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Tall: 8.5"

August 27, 2007

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